Helena C. Simon

Burren Homeopathy


Lic.ISH, Lic.RSH, I.S.Hom

Why Homeopathy?

Support in health related issues.
Support in life decisions and changes.
Pregnancy and postbirth support.

We all acknowledge that modern medicine is saving lives, so do we need an alternative medicine that goes back so far in time? I think yes !

The two approaches have very different ways of working and can even supplement each other.

Allopathy, our modern medicine, addresses symptoms a person shows by trying to eliminate/take away the symptom, „from the outside in“ so to speak. E.g. in an acute allergic reaction a medication is given to interrupt the body’s overreaction to an agent, an antibiotic is given to take away an ill-making bacteria in a fast developing infection, which can be lifesaving. In other situations a medication may stabilize a body’s reaction that my prove harming in the long run, e.g. in the management of a high blood pressure, those medications will have to be taken continuously in general, as they will not change the underlying cause.

Homeopathy works by inspiring the body’s own healing reaction and therefore works „from the inside out“.

Especially in children and young animals it can work very fast, as their natural healing powers are still complete, if there is no genetical aquired issue. For people with longstanding chronic complaints it works similarly although they may have to heal more and hence it may take longer.

Not all prescriptions have such an immediate effect like it did for my son but what all good homeopathic prescriptions have in common is that they inspire the own vitality and inner wellbeing into health.